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tell me it's not my fault baby you're all baby you're all baby you're all i've ever needed baby you're all baby you're all baby you're all i've ever needed you're all i've ever needed i love you more than i knew i could ever love someone baby you're all baby you're all
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baby you're all i've ever needed ♪ [cheers and applause] craig: that was sensational. great. you were fantastic. it's fantastic. nikki reed paul mcdonald. good night, everybody. good night.
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>> tonight, we've got new details about a story our bruce johnson first broke. the d.c. fire department plans to shuffle its resources, meaning fewer ambulances will be in service overnight. >> it's quite possible those
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firefighters, paramedics may have to help out from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. >> reporter: d.c. fire chief says the vast majority of emergency calls happen between 7:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. so why not have more paramedics working those hours? tonight derek is swroipped by the chief in our -- joined by the chief in our studio to explain his plan. >> chief ellerby's proposal still has to be approved. he's here with us tonight. welcome. the fact is you want to move 14 advanced life support vehicles from the night side to the day side, but if i do have a heart attack at 2:00 a.m. and you moved those vehicles, will my wait time be longer, and, b, will i have access to the top of the line equipment? >> you will have access to the top of the line equipment and there's no extended wait time. it will be pretty much the same. we have approximately ten calls per hour during that time. >> how many calls per hour do you have during the daytime. >> anywhere from 20 calls per
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hour or 19 calls per hour. we know between 7:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m., those are our peak times. >> you're saying twice as many calls come in here per hour at that time of day as overnight. >> absolutely. >> we've got what some has said as the modes utilized ems service in the whole country. the union alleges that you're actually down 100 paramedics, emts. shouldn't you first hire enough people before you start moving folks off the shelf. >> we believe we are full strength. over the last two years, we have lost fewer paramedics than the previous two years. the idea of us hemorrhaging paramedics is not true. >> you're arguing you're not down 100 from where you should be or what would be optimal? >> we are hiring people as quickly as we can. we don't have as many vacancies as they say. >> but you have some. >> we have some. >> the union complains the
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night shift will be overworked. is that possible? >> i don't know what you mean by overworked. they work a 24-hour schedule and i assume they work hard during those 24 hours. >> you've been making the rounds during the late nights. have you worried the criticism of the plan will be killed before you start. >> we're not afraid it will be killed. we will talk to the council, the town, and union presidents. the union that represents ems providers is very enthusiastic about this plan. so we'll talk to them tomorrow. we'll talk to our stakeholders and see what they say. >> all right, chief ken ellerby, thank you so much for your time today. derek right now federal agents are inside the home of general petraeus' former mistress, paula broadwell. agents at the scene won't say what they're looking for. however they were spotted carrying out boxes and taking photos inside her charlotte home. general petraeus resigned friday after admitting to a
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marital affair with broadwell. broadwell is accused of sending threatening e-mails to kelley warning her to stay away from petraeus. she reported the e-mails, which triggered the investigation that led to the fbi to broadwell and evidence of the affair. members of the senate intelligence committee are asking why they didn't know the fbi was investigating david petraeus until he resigned. retired general richard myers told cbs this morning with investigation of this nature, notifying superiors is common. >> we saw lots of investigations in the military where the allegations were not proven yet, but that the chain of kidnapped was made aware that somebody was being looked at for whatever. >> before the scandal, general petraeus had been scheduled to answer questions on capitol hill this week about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. acting cia director mike morell will testify instead. we're expecting closing arguments in the preliminary
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hearing for staff sergeant robert bails. he's charged with killing 7 adults and 9 children, civilians murdered in the middle of the night last march in the afghan villages. over the weekend several wounded children testified at his hearing. a video link from afghanistan to a military base in washington state where bails is in custody. after tomorrow's closing arguments, the military will decide whether to move forward with a full-blown court- martial, a conviction could lead to the death penalty. we've been trying to keep you up-to-date about the fiscal cliff, where taxes go up and spending goes down in a combination which virtuallyguarantees a recession. >> what is the congress and the president did agree on a plan to avoid the cliff and that recession, could that make things worse? gary nurenberg, what did you find? >> reporter: derek, keep in mind that the whole idea was to pay down the deficit to begin getting the country out of its $14 trillion debt.
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if we go over the fiscal cliff, that means the government gets $600 billion to apply to debt reduction. $500 billion more in taxes. $100 billion in spending cuts. the combination that guarantees that recession. you hear the phrase kicking the can down the road, dealing with it later. if we do that, what about the debt? >> our current national debt is $14 trillion, and it's projected, if we keep going on our current trajectory to almost double over the next ten years. >> reporter: joshua gordon is with the nonpartisan conquered coalition, says if the debt keeps growing as it is now projected to do. >> then you'll have a major economic problem as the debt starts to really become a cancer on the economy. the economy will collapse. >> reporter: wait a minute. the economy will collapse? you mean, worse than what we went through in 2008? >> oh, yes, it would be much worse if it continues going on
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unfettered. >> reporter: long-term we're in big trouble, far worse than january's fiscal cliff, but short-term kicking the can down the road. >> the interesting thing is because the economy is still growing so sowly, that if we -- so slowly, if we kick the can for another year and don't do immediate deficit reduction, our economy is projected to do better than if we had deficit in the short-term. >> reporter: that sounds good. you don't have to raise taxes or cut popular programs. kick the can far enough down the road, you're not in office any more and it's some other politician's problem, which is exactly how we got here in the first place. deer recollect. >> thank you, gary. we've got a possible murder suicide tonight involving three relatives. three small kids, an uncle and a grand mom found dead in a garage in toledo. investigators say these victims might have died from c.o. poisoning inside that closed-up garage but they don't think this was an accident.
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the man who does the voice of elmo in some trouble tonight. kevin clash admits he had a relationship with a man who says he was just 16 years old when it all got started. clash says the relationship was between, quote, two consenting adults and he is quoting again, deeply saddened that the accuser is trying to characterize it as something other than what it is. end of quote. sesame workshop suspended clash saying he had poor judgment and violated company policy avoiding using the internet. georgetown students tonight, the u-2 lead singer wasn't there to perform. he was joined by the head of bank of america to discuss social enterprise. social movements can create major change, he talked about. so we knew it couldn't last forever. the rain has moved in this evening. will it stick around for tomorrow's commute and when does it start getting colder, topp? >> go ahead and tack in ten minutes on your morning commute. it will be a wet commute.
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the rain and showers are here. heavier embedded areas of rain pushing through frederick and also through leesburg and loudoun county, frederick county. we'll zoom in a little bit. it's going to get heavier as we go through the night. light activity between baltimore and d.c. on i-95. this is pretty heavy activity now. just clearing frederick in portions of the southern frederick county, and move along i-70 as we go through the next half an hour or so. here's the latest image now. very heavy rain up to 70 passenger man town and south of frederick. pretty heavy rain out toward leesburg and also not far from 50. so look at these temperatures, because we're looking at a big change. okay? we're still 64 downtown. high with 72. look at 46 in cumberland. 34 in oakland. wakeup weather, need a coat and an umbrella. temperatures 48 to 56 at 5:00. notice they keep going down. still rain showers at 9:00, 47 to 52. we'll come back, but you know
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when we clear out and look ahead to the next weekend. the skins and terps are in town. >> thank you, topper. each veteran day leaves us with fewer world war ii heroes to tell the amazing stories of the greatest generations. >> down in vienna, one of the most vibrant vet is telling his remarkable tells and bruce leshan is still listening. >> reporter: richard kirkland's life sounds more like a movie. >> charles a. lindbergh, tommy mcgwire. >> reporter: he flew with some of world war ii's greatest aces. >> that's the picture of my squadron. >> reporter: he knew charles lindbergh and howard hughes. he met eisenhower and mccarter. >> as i backed up i glanced down at him. he was sitting in the cockpit, flames going all down the airplane. >> reporter: he shot down at least four japanese zeros. >> he turned and looked up at me, and i was looking down at him, and for just a second, we had eye contact.
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>> reporter: in the korean war, he choppered patients to the surgeon memorialized in mash, the t.v. show. >> the infamous hawkeye. his name was sam gillfan. here's a picture of him. there's his buddy, trapper. >> reporter: so you were there for the atomic testing? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: to the test in the pacific. >> it seared the board and left that. that's atomic bomb blast. >> reporter: kirkland has painted and collected mementos of the war and his life in the basement of his vienna home and in four nonfiction books. >> yes, it's important. and. >> because i can't do everything. >> reporter: he has just finished his first novel. he calls it a wide place in the road. a greatest generation love story. and the --
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>> these guys coming home beat up it goes on and on. >> reporter: he says world war ii was a very different war. >> i thought it was you're fighting to win. you kill the other guy. period. >> reporter: he'll always remember, but he hopes the world never relives it. in vienna, virginia, bruce leshan, 9 news now. >> you can see kirkland's website on our website,, with a link. on this veteran's day we want to thank all of you who took part in our turkey for troops campaign. this is the fourth year we've teamed up with the uso metropolitan to say thank you to the men and women who put their lives on the line for us. that money will help buy thanksgiving and christmas food baskets for our local military families. go to the website,, click on the uso button right on the home page to donate. every penny you donate stays in
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the d.c. metro and bob conly of woodbridge made a $500 donation and is challenging all the other honda dealerships in our town to match that. some of your neighbors, friends and coworkers don't make it into work, there could be a big reason for that. coming up, we'll show you what has gamers all worked up about midnight tonight. no tackle football for the younger kids? that's a tough new rule a concussion expert wants for the game. how dangerous are the hits for younger players? what's being done to protect
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tonight's health alert is all about football and other collision sports. this weekend three nfl quarterbacks, michael vick, jay cutler and alex smith were all sidelined by concussions. doctors, trainers and coaches have started paying closer attention to concussions and the injuries discuss stained, and what they mean for our kids
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passionate about staying in the game. football is america's sport and her son is enamored with it. >> he gets up two hours before practice and gets his uniform on. he's smiling. >> reporter: her experience has been far different. >> after suffering repeatedconcussions playing the game he loved, he knew it was time to quit. >> my memory is still kind of off. >> reporter: because of growing concerns that some of the damage from repeated concussions doesn't go away, one leading boston researcher has proposed very tough guidelines for the youngest athletes. >> we believe that kids under the age of 14 should not play collision sports as they're currently being played. >> reporter: and dr. robert cantu wants other sports to change as well. he recommends no full body checking under age 14 in ice hockey, and for soccer players, not letting the younger kids head the ball. >> the young child is particularly vulnerable to brain injury. >> reporter: at the pro level,
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greater recognition of the long- term effect of brain trauma prompted the nfl to enact new rules on concussions that dictate when players can get back on the field. the nfl players association even formed a traumatic brain injury committee of which dr. jim ekland is part. >> no head to head contact, and a number of things to help protect the players as the game has gotten faster and more aggressive. and the athletes have gotten more powerful. >> he says making tackle football off limits at the youth or pop warner level seems a bit rigid, but he says young athletes need to be taught how to tackle correctly. there's one thing he says has to happen at every level of the game. players who suffer a concussion need to stay out for at least a week after they're symptom free. if they lose consciousness, he recommends two weeks rest. otherwise you run the risk of second impact syndrome. >> especially a child who isn't totally recovered from the
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first concussion can have a relatively small second concussion and develop severe brain swelling that can be life threatening. >> that's something he didn't want to risk, after one particularly violent play. >> i just remember hitting him head on. and i'm walking away from the hit, and all i see is white. and i'm like, oh, my god. where am i at right now? >> reporter: dr. ekland says the remains controversial but what's not is that the brain needs time to heal. signs after concussion include dizziness, confusion, temporary memory loss around the hit and lasting headaches. athletes should be symptom free for at least a week before they go back to playing. less than an hour until one of the most anticipated video games of the year comes out. it is called a duty black ops 2 and it hits the stores at midnight. don't be shocked if some of your coworkers and friends are,
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shall we say, sick tomorrow. >> i'm going to be one of the first people to play. i don't really care about buying the game. i'm lying. i want the game. i'm going to get it. >> i'm going to play at the office, man. >> that's something new. >> yeah, man. preordered it two weeks ago. >> the graphics is good. the guns is good. play online. zombies now. got to get it, man. >> be hard to go to work tomorrow? >> it's going to be hard. >> zombies is pretty darn cool. that's all i've got to say. these guys have got their day planned out. it involves spending countless hours. >> this is going to be another one. my teenage kid is going to be like i've got to have it and i'm going to have on say no. >> really? >> yeah, really. >> talking about derek? >> no, the other one. >> luckily, she is not in charge of my video gaming. i would still be stuck on mario. >> that's right. >> exactly. which wouldn't be a bad thing. >> yeah, it would. >> 72 today for the high. not a record, but we are in for
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a big change. back to reality the next few days. a live look outside of our michael and son live weather cam. temperatures still mild. front is not through yet. winds still out of the south at 9. you'll know when the front goes through. winds will quick northwesterly with higher gusts. most of the rain will occur after the front moves through. so here's a look at the radar. look at all the yellows. even a few reds now showing up east of i-81 and up to 70 north. some pretty good rain embedded in the first round of showers and some rain. from frederick, south of frederick down toward leesburg and back toward 66, east of winchester, some pretty heavy rain right now. you might even hear a rumble of thunder. the heaviest rain far and away entering northern montgomery county, up around germantown, move to the east/northeast, move across 108. it will probably clip albany and up toward columbia in the next hour. it will stay wet overnight and into tomorrow. in fact, 6:30 tomorrow morning,
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most of us have a wet commute on the way to work. that's why i said just add a little bit of time. the good news is by lunchtime, except for southern maryland, we'll see rapid clearing behind the front. by evening, everybody is going to be clear. winds are going to pick up. it's going to be colder. it's going to be colder. in fact, the big change from our 72 today. so wet morning commute. then we dry out very quickly on tuesday afternoon. breezy and cooler. temps are going to be about 20 degrees cooler. in fact, the high tonight will be the midnight temperatures. it will be a little bit deceiving. the temperatures you'll have to deal with tomorrow will be in the 50s. you'll need a jacket all week. no doubt about that. next three days. 9 weather alerts are yellow tomorrow because of the morning commute, because of the showers in the morning. then we're looking at green as we get into wednesday and hers. 52 tomorrow. 50 on wednesday. we're going to struggle to make it to 50. nice but chilly. then nice but cool on thursday, temperatures in the low 50s. next seven days, terps in town.
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skins in town. looks fine for the terps. 5 4. for the redskins, still up in the air. there could be a storm off the coast. that could bring us rain and showers. and temperatures back in the 40s. those showers may linger into monday with temperatures in the 40s. that's subject to massive change because of day 6 and 7. >> reality check. >> it might be in the 40s. that doesn't mean we can't have baseball talk. exactly. baseball might be over but great big awards coming tonight. in fact, it's a big night in d.c. sports in general. just how close was the race for rookie of the year? plus, caps head coach adam oaths become
2:00 am
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>> bryce harper burst into themajor league baseball scene this season, adding another level of excitement to what became a memorable year in nationals history. he was nominated for national
2:02 am
league rookie of the year. he had stiff competition. this year's race was extremely close for bryce harper one out, feeding arizona pitcher miley by a narrow 7 points. that makes him the first national to get the awards since the franchise came to d.c. harper tonight said he's proud of the honor but he's got much more to prove. >> i'm never satisfied with any of my numbers. you know, i think my biggest goal and winning the world series. you know, this is amazing to win this award and to have this accolade, but i want to bring a title back to d.c. that's our main goal as a team, as an organization. but harper wasn't the only d.c. sports figure to be recognized tonight. former washington capitol and head coach adam oaths was inducted into the hockey hall of fame. he spent 19 years in the nh playing for the caps in the late '90s. he's known mostly for his unselfish play. he went from being an undrafted player to being one of the
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elite setup men. he rankings 6th on the league's all time assists. he thanks his biggest supporters. >> i would like to thank my friends and family. my wife, donna. near the end of my career, i wish we could have met one of those sooner, but i'm happy that you're here today, and thank you for supporting me. the next challenge of my life, coaching. in basketball, the maryland terrapins at homecoming off the close loss to kentucky. desdst wells with the oop. 8 points for wells tonight. early in the second half, howard with the penetration dishes to acc player of the week, alex lynch for two of his 11. later, howard again, to clear for 2 points. terps win big tonight, 67-45. after suffering a pretty significant concussion sunday against the cowboys, eagles
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quarterback michael vick will not play this weekend against the redskins. in fact, he could sit out for the rest of the season. the eagles will start rookie nick foals out of -- foles out of arizona subpoenaed. will be an interesting matchup. >> vick not having the best of season. >> andy reid said

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